.Merlin's Magic Barbecue
Cliff's website -- If you're into barbecue, you'll have fun here. Recipes and discussions on smoking and barbecuing meats, sauces and sides, especially with pellet smokers.

Adidap [All Day I Dream About Photography]
Popular website on photography with tutorials, news and galleries. Excellent resource for photography.

Apogee Photo online magazine
Extensive array of articles, workshops and open forums. Great tool for improving photo skills.

Arthur Morris - Birds as Art
One of the greatest bird photographers of all time, Art's website includes all kinds of information on bird photography and workshops.

B & H Photo
The premier and most reliable mail order company for everything photographic. Consistent great prices, service and quick delivery.

Online community with workshops, forums and galleries. A website that will help you improve your time with the camera.

This is a great photography community with discussions, forums and tutorials on everything photographic.

Linde Waidhofer
A great nature photographer and workshop leader in North and South America.

Rick Steves - Europe and Travel
Rick discusses travel throughout Europe with great tips and tricks. Don't travel to Europe without checking this website first.

Santa Fe Photo Workshops
A great way to learn photography and photoshop. Santa Fe is top of the line in workshops.